Alderete & Tupper 2018: Phonological regularity in speech errors

PHONOLOGICAL REGULARITY, PERCEPTUAL BIASES, AND THE ROLE OF PHONOTACTICS IN SPEECH ERROR ANALYSIS JOHN ALDERETE, PAUL TUPPER Abstract: Speech errors involving manipulations of sounds tend to be phonologically regular in the sense that they obey the phonotactic rules of well-formed words. We review the empirical evidence for phonological regularity in prior research, including both categorical assessments of words… Read more »

Alderete and Tupper 2016: Connectionist Approaches to Generative Phonology

Connectionist approaches to generative phonology John Alderete, Paul Tupper Abstract: While connectionist models are ubiquitous in psycholinguistic approaches to language processing, they are less well-known as generative models of grammar. This work surveys a literature in which connectionist models have been developed to address problems central to generative phonology. The focus is on explaining to… Read more »

Alderete & Davies 2018: Speech Errors and Methodology

Investigating perceptual biases, data reliability, and data discovery in a methodology of collecting speech errors from audio recordings John Alderete, Monica Davies Abstract: This work describes a methodology of collecting speech errors from audio recordings and investigates how some of its assumptions affect data quality and composition. Speech errors of all types (sound, lexical, syntactic,… Read more »

2014-2019 SSHRC Insight Grant on Speech Production

Title: Sound structure in speech production Funding: Social Science and Humanities Research Council Research Team: John Alderete (PI, Simon Fraser University), Alexei Kochetov (University of Toronto), Stefan A. Frisch (University of South Florida), Abdelkrim Jebbour (formerly at Ibn Tofail University) Description: Speaking is a complex behavioral task. It involves selecting words from an immense mental lexicon, ordering them… Read more »