Alderete and Kochetov 2017: Integrating sound symbolism with core grammar

Integrating sound symbolism with core grammar: The case of expressive palatalization John Alderete Alexei Kochetov Abstract: Fifty cases of sound-symbolic expressive palatalization were collected in a typological survey of babytalk registers, diminutive constructions, and other sound symbolic systems. Analysis of the typological trends and language-particular examples reveals important differences between expressive palatalization and phonologically motivated… Read more »

Kochetov & Alderete 2011: Expressive palatalization

Patterns and scales of expressive palatalization: Experimental evidence from Japanese Alexei Kochetov, John Alderete Abstract: This paper argues for the existence of expressive palatalization (E-Pal) – a phonologically unmotivated process that applies in sound symbolism, diminutive constructions, and babytalk registers. E-Pal is proposed to be grounded in iconic sound-meaning associations exploiting acoustic properties of palatalized consonants, and thus is inherently… Read more »

Alderete & Kochetov 2009: Japanese mimetic palatalization revisited …

Japanese mimetic palatalization revisited: implications for conflicting directionality John Alderete, Alexei Kochetov Abstract: This article re-examines ‘conflicting directionality ’ in Japanese mimetic words, a distributional pattern in which palatalisation is preferentially realised on the rightmost of two coronal consonants, but on the leftmost consonant in a word without coronals. Analysis of the original dictionary evidence given in support of this… Read more »