Alderete et al. 2018: Tahltan Series Shifts

Series shifts and mergers in the obstruent phonology of Tahltan (Northern Athabaskan) John Alderete Amber Blenkiron Edōsdi (Judy Thompson)   Abstract: A survey was conducted to investigate the development of the Proto-Athabaskan obstruent series, *ts/tš/tšr/k, into present day Tahltan. Results from seven native speakers and quantitative analysis of a larger corpus establish tθ/ts/ts/tš as the standard… Read more »

Alderete et al. 2017: Cantonese grammar synopsis

CANTONESE GRAMMAR SYNOPSIS John Alderete, Queenie Chan, Macarius Chan, Gloria Fan, Olivia Nickel Abstract: This work gives a skeletal summary of the linguistic structures of Cantonese, cross-referenced with the relevant literature. Keywords: Cantonese, linguistic documentation, tone, Chinese languages Downloads:  link to the PDF Full citation: Alderete, John, Queenie Chan, Macarius Chan, Gloria Fan, Olivia Nickel. 2017…. Read more »

Alderete & Finley 2016: Gradient Vowel Harmony in Oceanic

Gradient vowel harmony in Oceanic John Alderete, Sara Finley Abstract: This article contributes to the understanding of gradient phonological patterns by investigating graded vowel co-occurrence in Oceanic languages. In particular, vowel co-occurrence patterns in disyllabic stems are investigated in four languages: Samoan, Tongan, Hawaiian, and Fijian, as well as reconstructed forms in Proto-Oceanic and Proto-Malayo-Polynesian…. Read more »

Alderete 2005: Tahltan tone and length

On tone and length in Tahltan (Northern Athabaskan) John Alderete Keywords: tone, length, Tahltan, Athabaskan, tonogenesis, vowel constriction, low-marked tone, historical sources of length Downloads:  PDF of article, data supplement1 supplement2 Full citation: 2005. John Alderete. On tone and length in Tahltan (Northern Athabaskan). In Sharon Hargus & Keren Rice (eds.), Athabaskan prosody, pp. 185-207. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Alderete & Frisch 2007: dissimilation handbook article

Dissimilation in grammar and the lexicon John Alderete, Stefan A. Frisch Abstract: An handbook article surveying a set of problems associated with dissimilation and root cooccurrence restrictions and giving an overview of some of the principal approaches to them in contemporary phonetics and phonology. Keywords: dissimilation, root cooccurrence restrictions, listener as source of dissimilation, cumulative… Read more »

Alderete & Blenkiron 2014: Tahltan grammar synopsis

Tahltan grammar synopsis John Alderete, Amber Blenkiron Abstract: The goal of this work is to create a synopsis of the main grammatical concepts and patterns relevant to the linguistic description of Tahltan, with a focus on sound structure (phonetics and phonology) and word structure (morphology). Keywords: Tahltan, Athabaskan, phonology, morphology Downloads: PDF of the paper Full citation: John Alderete… Read more »

Alderete & Bradshaw 2012: Samoan grammar synopsis

Samoan grammar synopsis John Alderete, Mark Bradshaw Abstract: This synopsis gives a skeleton outline of Samoan grammar, with a focus on phonology, morphology, and the lexicon. The principal data source is the Mosel and Hovdhaugen (1992) grammar, and the Milner (1966) dictionary. Keywords: Samoan, Austronesian, linguistic documentation Downloads:  link to the manuscript Full citation: Alderete,… Read more »