2014-2019 SSHRC Insight Grant on Speech Production

Title: Sound structure in speech production Funding: Social Science and Humanities Research Council Research Team: John Alderete (PI, Simon Fraser University), Alexei Kochetov (University of Toronto), Stefan A. Frisch (University of South Florida), Abdelkrim Jebbour (formerly at Ibn Tofail University) Description: Speaking is a complex behavioral task. It involves selecting words from an immense mental lexicon, ordering them… Read more »

Alderete & Frisch 2007: dissimilation handbook article

Dissimilation in grammar and the lexicon John Alderete, Stefan A. Frisch Abstract: An handbook article surveying a set of problems associated with dissimilation and root cooccurrence restrictions and giving an overview of some of the principal approaches to them in contemporary phonetics and phonology. Keywords: dissimilation, root cooccurrence restrictions, listener as source of dissimilation, cumulative… Read more »