Alderete 2003: Dissimilation

Phonological processes: Dissimilation John Alderete Blurb: An encyclopedia entry on dissimilation. Keywords: dissimilation, listener as a source of sound change, autosegmental phonology, Optimality Theory Downloads:  PDF of article Full citation: Alderete, John. 2003. Phonological processes: Dissimilation. In William Frawley (ed.), International Encyclopedia of Linguistics, 2nd Edition, pp. 323-324. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Alderete & Kochetov 2009: Japanese mimetic palatalization revisited …

Japanese mimetic palatalization revisited: implications for conflicting directionality John Alderete, Alexei Kochetov Abstract: This article re-examines ‘conflicting directionality ’ in Japanese mimetic words, a distributional pattern in which palatalisation is preferentially realised on the rightmost of two coronal consonants, but on the leftmost consonant in a word without coronals. Analysis of the original dictionary evidence given in support of this… Read more »

Alderete & Bob 2005: Tahltan stress

A corpus-based approach to Tahltan stress John Alderete, Tanya Bob Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to document and refine hypotheses concerning stress in Tahltan (Northern Athabaskan). An analysis of the field data collected in 1980-83 by Patricia A. Shaw (University of British Columbia) reveals a set of correlations between stress assignment and the… Read more »

Alderete 1995: Winnebago accent and Dorsey’s Law

Winnebago accent and Dorsey’s Law John Alderete   Keywords: stress, epenthesis, trochaic feet, Winnebago, Ho-Chunk Downloads:  link to article Full citation: Alderete, John. 1995. Winnebago Accent and Dorsey’s Law. In Jill Beckman, Laura Walsh-Dickey, & Suzanne Urbanczyk (eds.), University of Massachusetts Occasional Papers 18, Papers in Optimality Theory, pp. 21-51. Amherst: Graduate Linguistic Student Association.

Alderete 1995: Faithfulness to prosodic heads

Faithfulness to prosodic heads John Alderete Blurb: One of the original works on positional faithfulness, motivated empirically by stress-related vowel reduction rules and the interaction between stress and epenthesis. Keywords: stress, epenthesis, vowel reduction, correspondence, positional faithfulness, Optimality Theory Downloads:  link to article Full citation: Alderete, John. 1995. Faithfulness to prosodic heads. Rutgers Optimality Archive, Report… Read more »

Alderete 1997: Dissimilation as local conjunction

Dissimilation as local conjunction John Alderete Blurb: The traditional concept of the OCP is reformulated as self-conjoined markedness constraints, explaining the relation between markedness and phonological activity. Keywords: dissimilation, root cooccurrence restrictions, markedness, local conjunction, Optimality Theory, ranking paradoxes Downloads:  link to article Full citation: Alderete, John. 1997. Dissimilation as local conjunction. In Kiyomi Kusumoto (ed.),… Read more »

Alderete 1999: Head dependence in stress-epenthesis interaction

Head dependence in stress-epenthesis interaction John Alderete Keywords: stress, epenthesis, correspondence, Optimality Theory, positional faithfulness Downloads:  link to article Full citation: John Alderete. 1999. Head dependence in stress-epenthesis interaction. In Ben Hermans & Marc van Oostendorp (eds.), The derivational residue in phonological Optimality Theory, pp. 29-50. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. [Reprinted in John McCarthy (ed.), Optimality Theory… Read more »

Alderete et al. 1999: Reduplication with fixed segmentism

Reduplication with fixed segmentism John Alderete, Jill Beckman, Laura Benua, Amalia Gnanadesikan, John J. Alderete, Suzanne Urbanczyk Abstract: Fixed segmentism is the phenomenon whereby a reduplicative mor- pheme contains segments that are invariant rather than copied. We investigate it within Optimality Theory, arguing that it falls into two distinct types, phonological and morphological. Phonological fixed segmentism is analyzed… Read more »

Alderete 2000: Prosodic morphology in Jamaican Creole

The prosodic morphology of iteratives in Jamaican Creole John Alderete Abstract: The input of a reduplicative word formation process in Jamaican Creole (JC) is restricted prosodically. In this paper, the prosodic restrictions are analyzed in terms of constraints that are generally operative in JC prosody. The study therefore provides empirical support for the Prosodic Morphology Hypothesis of McCarthy… Read more »

Alderete 2000: Prosodic faithfulness in Cupeño

Prosodic faithfulness in Cupeño John Alderete Keywords: prosodic faithfulness, root/affix faithfulness, lexical stress, Uto-Aztecan, Cupeño, Optimality Theory, surface constraints on lexical stress Downloads:  link to article Full citation: Alderete, John. 2000. Prosodic faithfulness in Cupeño. In Elena Benedicto (ed.), University of Massachusetts Occasional Papers 20, Indigenous languages, pp. 1-27. Amherst: Graduate Linguistic Student Association