Alderete and Kochetov 2017: Integrating sound symbolism with core grammar

Integrating sound symbolism with core grammar: The case of expressive palatalization John Alderete Alexei Kochetov Abstract: Fifty cases of sound-symbolic expressive palatalization were collected in a typological survey of babytalk registers, diminutive constructions, and other sound symbolic systems. Analysis of the typological trends and language-particular examples reveals important differences between expressive palatalization and phonologically motivated… Read more »

Alderete and Tupper 2016: Connectionist Approaches to Generative Phonology

Connectionist approaches to generative phonology John Alderete, Paul Tupper Abstract: While connectionist models are ubiquitous in psycholinguistic approaches to language processing, they are less well-known as generative models of grammar. This work surveys a literature in which connectionist models have been developed to address problems central to generative phonology. The focus is on explaining to… Read more »

Alderete & MacMillan 2015: Reduplication in Hawaiian

Reduplication in Hawaiian: Variations on a theme of minimal word John Alderete, Kayleigh MacMillan Abstract: The article explores a database of over 1600 reduplicated words in Hawaiian and gives the first comprehensive account of the empirical generalizations concerning reduplicant form and associated vowel length alternations. We argue that the observed output patterns and length alternations can be cogently… Read more »

Crosswhite et al. 2003: Russian stress experiment

Morphological effects on default stress placement in novel Russian words Katherine Crosswhite, John Alderete, Tim Beasley, Vita Markman Abstract: This article presents the results of a nonce-probe experiment conducted with 13 native speakers of Russian and examines the implications of these results for the linguistic analysis of Russian stress. Experimental items were novel words that ended in a sequence… Read more »

Alderete et al. 2005: contrast analysis

Contrast analysis aids the learning of phonological underlying forms John Alderete, Adrian Brasoveanu, Nazarré Merchant, Alan Prince, and Bruce Tesar Abstract: This paper presents evidence in support of the idea that observations about surface contrast can inform a language learner about the content of underlying forms. Specifically, it is shown that contrasting surface realizations of a pair… Read more »

Alderete 2003: Navajo word domains

Structural disparities in Navajo word domains: A case for lex-cat faithfulness John Alderete Abstract: This article gives a comprehensive analysis of the phonology of Navajo verbs in Optimality Theory based on the leading ideas of Positional Faithfulness (PF) Theory (Beckman 1998). In particular, faithfulness constraints are segregated according to whether they target lexical or functional categories in the morphosyntax,… Read more »

Alderete 1995: Winnebago accent and Dorsey’s Law

Winnebago accent and Dorsey’s Law John Alderete   Keywords: stress, epenthesis, trochaic feet, Winnebago, Ho-Chunk Downloads:  link to article Full citation: Alderete, John. 1995. Winnebago Accent and Dorsey’s Law. In Jill Beckman, Laura Walsh-Dickey, & Suzanne Urbanczyk (eds.), University of Massachusetts Occasional Papers 18, Papers in Optimality Theory, pp. 21-51. Amherst: Graduate Linguistic Student Association.

Alderete 1995: Faithfulness to prosodic heads

Faithfulness to prosodic heads John Alderete Blurb: One of the original works on positional faithfulness, motivated empirically by stress-related vowel reduction rules and the interaction between stress and epenthesis. Keywords: stress, epenthesis, vowel reduction, correspondence, positional faithfulness, Optimality Theory Downloads:  link to article Full citation: Alderete, John. 1995. Faithfulness to prosodic heads. Rutgers Optimality Archive, Report… Read more »

Alderete 1997: Dissimilation as local conjunction

Dissimilation as local conjunction John Alderete Blurb: The traditional concept of the OCP is reformulated as self-conjoined markedness constraints, explaining the relation between markedness and phonological activity. Keywords: dissimilation, root cooccurrence restrictions, markedness, local conjunction, Optimality Theory, ranking paradoxes Downloads:  link to article Full citation: Alderete, John. 1997. Dissimilation as local conjunction. In Kiyomi Kusumoto (ed.),… Read more »

Alderete 1999: Head dependence in stress-epenthesis interaction

Head dependence in stress-epenthesis interaction John Alderete Keywords: stress, epenthesis, correspondence, Optimality Theory, positional faithfulness Downloads:  link to article Full citation: John Alderete. 1999. Head dependence in stress-epenthesis interaction. In Ben Hermans & Marc van Oostendorp (eds.), The derivational residue in phonological Optimality Theory, pp. 29-50. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. [Reprinted in John McCarthy (ed.), Optimality Theory… Read more »