Alderete & McIlwraith 2007: Tahltan stories of Rose Dennis

John Alderete, Tad McIlwraith A catalogue of the Tahltan stories of Rose Dennis Keywords: Tahltan, Athabaskan, folklore, ethnography Downloads:  link to PDF manuscript Full citation: Alderete, John and Tad McIlwraith. 2007. A catalogue of the Tahltan stories of Rose Dennis. Ms., Simon Fraser University and Douglas College.

Alderete & Thompson 2008: Teit names project

James Teit census annotations John Alderete, Judy Thompson   Keywords: Tahltan, Athabaskan, names, census, Downloads:  link to PDF of file Full citation: Alderete, John and Judy Thompson. 2008. James Teit census annotations. Canadian Museum of Civilization, Archives, Ethnology, VI-O-2M, box 173, file 3.  

Alderete 2000: Prosodic morphology in Jamaican Creole

The prosodic morphology of iteratives in Jamaican Creole John Alderete Abstract: The input of a reduplicative word formation process in Jamaican Creole (JC) is restricted prosodically. In this paper, the prosodic restrictions are analyzed in terms of constraints that are generally operative in JC prosody. The study therefore provides empirical support for the Prosodic Morphology Hypothesis of McCarthy… Read more »

Alderete & Bradshaw 2012: Samoan grammar synopsis

Samoan grammar synopsis John Alderete, Mark Bradshaw Abstract: This synopsis gives a skeleton outline of Samoan grammar, with a focus on phonology, morphology, and the lexicon. The principal data source is the Mosel and Hovdhaugen (1992) grammar, and the Milner (1966) dictionary. Keywords: Samoan, Austronesian, linguistic documentation Downloads:  link to the manuscript Full citation: Alderete,… Read more »