Alderete et al. 2017: Cantonese grammar synopsis

CANTONESE GRAMMAR SYNOPSIS John Alderete, Queenie Chan, Macarius Chan, Gloria Fan, Olivia Nickel Abstract: This work gives a skeletal summary of the linguistic structures of Cantonese, cross-referenced with the relevant literature. Keywords: Cantonese, linguistic documentation, tone, Chinese languages Downloads:  link to the PDF Full citation: Alderete, John, Queenie Chan, Macarius Chan, Gloria Fan, Olivia Nickel. 2017…. Read more »

Alderete et al. 2015: Tashlhiyt Berber grammar synopsis

Tashlhiyt Berber grammar synopsis John Alderete, Abdelkrim Jebbour, Bouchra Kachoub, Holly Wilbee Abstract: This synopsis provides a skeletal summary of the main linguistic structures of Tashlhiyt Berber, cross-referenced with the relevant literature. This synopsis is mostly used for internal consistency with our own research projects, but other researchers may find it useful as a reference on Berber linguistics. Keywords: Tashlhiyt,… Read more »

2014-2019 SSHRC Insight Grant on Speech Production

Title: Sound structure in speech production Funding: Social Science and Humanities Research Council Research Team: John Alderete (PI, Simon Fraser University), Alexei Kochetov (University of Toronto), Stefan A. Frisch (University of South Florida), Abdelkrim Jebbour (formerly at Ibn Tofail University) Description: Speaking is a complex behavioral task. It involves selecting words from an immense mental lexicon, ordering them… Read more »

Alderete & MacMillan 2015: Reduplication in Hawaiian

Reduplication in Hawaiian: Variations on a theme of minimal word John Alderete, Kayleigh MacMillan Abstract: The article explores a database of over 1600 reduplicated words in Hawaiian and gives the first comprehensive account of the empirical generalizations concerning reduplicant form and associated vowel length alternations. We argue that the observed output patterns and length alternations can be cogently… Read more »

Blenkiron & Alderete 2015: Reduplication in Rotuman

Reduplication in Rotuman: A curious case of emergent unmarkedness Amber Blenkiron, John Alderete Abstract: This article gives a comprehensive analysis of reduplication in Rotuman (Oceanic). The main reduplication shape is a heavy syllable prefix (e.g., CVC-, CVV-), which we document with a list of 847 reduplicated words and native speaker elicitation. We argue that the… Read more »

Alderete & Bradshaw 2013: Samoan root phonotactics

Samoan root phonotactics: Digging deeper into the data John Alderete, Mark Bradshaw Abstract:  This article gives a detailed quantitative account of Samoan root phonotactics. In particular, count data is given in eleven tables of segment frequencies (i.e., consonants, short and long vowels, diphthongs) and frequencies of combinations of segments (i.e., syllable types, consonant-vowel combinations, V-V… Read more »

Alderete 2003: Navajo word domains

Structural disparities in Navajo word domains: A case for lex-cat faithfulness John Alderete Abstract: This article gives a comprehensive analysis of the phonology of Navajo verbs in Optimality Theory based on the leading ideas of Positional Faithfulness (PF) Theory (Beckman 1998). In particular, faithfulness constraints are segregated according to whether they target lexical or functional categories in the morphosyntax,… Read more »

Alderete & McIlwraith 2008: Tahltan language bibliography

An annotated bibliography of Tahltan language materials John Alderete, Tad McIlwraith Abstract: This bibliography lists and summarizes materials on the Tahltan language, including linguistic and anthropological research papers, dictionaries, collections of stories, and teaching materials. We hope that the bibliography will give language teachers, linguists, anthropologists, and all others interested in Tahltan language and culture (and… Read more »

Alderete & Kochetov 2009: Japanese mimetic palatalization revisited …

Japanese mimetic palatalization revisited: implications for conflicting directionality John Alderete, Alexei Kochetov Abstract: This article re-examines ‘conflicting directionality ’ in Japanese mimetic words, a distributional pattern in which palatalisation is preferentially realised on the rightmost of two coronal consonants, but on the leftmost consonant in a word without coronals. Analysis of the original dictionary evidence given in support of this… Read more »

Alderete & Blenkiron 2014: Tahltan grammar synopsis

Tahltan grammar synopsis John Alderete, Amber Blenkiron Abstract: The goal of this work is to create a synopsis of the main grammatical concepts and patterns relevant to the linguistic description of Tahltan, with a focus on sound structure (phonetics and phonology) and word structure (morphology). Keywords: Tahltan, Athabaskan, phonology, morphology Downloads: PDF of the paper Full citation: John Alderete… Read more »