Alderete, Tupper, & Frisch 2013: Phonological constraint induction

Phonological constraint induction in a connnectionist network: Learning OCP-Place constraints from data John Alderete, Paul Tupper, Stefan A. Frisch Abstract: A significant problem in computational language learning is that of inferring the content of well-formedness constraints from input data. In this article, we approach the constraint induction problem as the gradual adjustment of subsymbolic constraints… Read more »

Alderete 2003: Dissimilation

Phonological processes: Dissimilation John Alderete Blurb: An encyclopedia entry on dissimilation. Keywords: dissimilation, listener as a source of sound change, autosegmental phonology, Optimality Theory Downloads:  PDF of article Full citation: Alderete, John. 2003. Phonological processes: Dissimilation. In William Frawley (ed.), International Encyclopedia of Linguistics, 2nd Edition, pp. 323-324. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Alderete & Frisch 2007: dissimilation handbook article

Dissimilation in grammar and the lexicon John Alderete, Stefan A. Frisch Abstract: An handbook article surveying a set of problems associated with dissimilation and root cooccurrence restrictions and giving an overview of some of the principal approaches to them in contemporary phonetics and phonology. Keywords: dissimilation, root cooccurrence restrictions, listener as source of dissimilation, cumulative… Read more »

Alderete 1997: Dissimilation as local conjunction

Dissimilation as local conjunction John Alderete Blurb: The traditional concept of the OCP is reformulated as self-conjoined markedness constraints, explaining the relation between markedness and phonological activity. Keywords: dissimilation, root cooccurrence restrictions, markedness, local conjunction, Optimality Theory, ranking paradoxes Downloads:  link to article Full citation: Alderete, John. 1997. Dissimilation as local conjunction. In Kiyomi Kusumoto (ed.),… Read more »

Alderete, Tupper, & Frisch 2014: Arabic phonotactic learner

Phonotactic learning without a-priori constraints: Arabic root restrictions revisited John Alderete, Paul Tupper, Stefan A. Frisch Abstract: In this article, we develop a connectionist model of learning phonotactics and apply it to the problem of learning root cooccurrence restrictions in Arabic. In particular, a multilayer network with a hidden layer is trained on a representative… Read more »