Alderete et al. 2015: Tashlhiyt Berber grammar synopsis

Tashlhiyt Berber grammar synopsis John Alderete, Abdelkrim Jebbour, Bouchra Kachoub, Holly Wilbee Abstract: This synopsis provides a skeletal summary of the main linguistic structures of Tashlhiyt Berber, cross-referenced with the relevant literature. This synopsis is mostly used for internal consistency with our own research projects, but other researchers may find it useful as a reference on Berber linguistics. Keywords: Tashlhiyt,… Read more »

Blenkiron & Alderete 2015: Reduplication in Rotuman

Reduplication in Rotuman: A curious case of emergent unmarkedness Amber Blenkiron, John Alderete Abstract: This article gives a comprehensive analysis of reduplication in Rotuman (Oceanic). The main reduplication shape is a heavy syllable prefix (e.g., CVC-, CVV-), which we document with a list of 847 reduplicated words and native speaker elicitation. We argue that the… Read more »

Alderete & Bradshaw 2012: Samoan grammar synopsis

Samoan grammar synopsis John Alderete, Mark Bradshaw Abstract: This synopsis gives a skeleton outline of Samoan grammar, with a focus on phonology, morphology, and the lexicon. The principal data source is the Mosel and Hovdhaugen (1992) grammar, and the Milner (1966) dictionary. Keywords: Samoan, Austronesian, linguistic documentation Downloads:  link to the manuscript Full citation: Alderete,… Read more »