Alderete et al. 2018: Tahltan Series Shifts

Series shifts and mergers in the obstruent phonology of Tahltan (Northern Athabaskan) John Alderete Amber Blenkiron Edōsdi (Judy Thompson)   Abstract: A survey was conducted to investigate the development of the Proto-Athabaskan obstruent series, *ts/tš/tšr/k, into present day Tahltan. Results from seven native speakers and quantitative analysis of a larger corpus establish tθ/ts/ts/tš as the standard… Read more »

Alderete 2005: Tahltan tone and length

On tone and length in Tahltan (Northern Athabaskan) John Alderete Keywords: tone, length, Tahltan, Athabaskan, tonogenesis, vowel constriction, low-marked tone, historical sources of length Downloads:  PDF of article, data supplement1 supplement2 Full citation: 2005. John Alderete. On tone and length in Tahltan (Northern Athabaskan). In Sharon Hargus & Keren Rice (eds.), Athabaskan prosody, pp. 185-207. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Alderete 2003: Navajo word domains

Structural disparities in Navajo word domains: A case for lex-cat faithfulness John Alderete Abstract: This article gives a comprehensive analysis of the phonology of Navajo verbs in Optimality Theory based on the leading ideas of Positional Faithfulness (PF) Theory (Beckman 1998). In particular, faithfulness constraints are segregated according to whether they target lexical or functional categories in the morphosyntax,… Read more »

Alderete & McIlwraith 2008: Tahltan language bibliography

An annotated bibliography of Tahltan language materials John Alderete, Tad McIlwraith Abstract: This bibliography lists and summarizes materials on the Tahltan language, including linguistic and anthropological research papers, dictionaries, collections of stories, and teaching materials. We hope that the bibliography will give language teachers, linguists, anthropologists, and all others interested in Tahltan language and culture (and… Read more »

Alderete & Bob 2005: Tahltan stress

A corpus-based approach to Tahltan stress John Alderete, Tanya Bob Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to document and refine hypotheses concerning stress in Tahltan (Northern Athabaskan). An analysis of the field data collected in 1980-83 by Patricia A. Shaw (University of British Columbia) reveals a set of correlations between stress assignment and the… Read more »

Alderete & Blenkiron 2014: Tahltan grammar synopsis

Tahltan grammar synopsis John Alderete, Amber Blenkiron Abstract: The goal of this work is to create a synopsis of the main grammatical concepts and patterns relevant to the linguistic description of Tahltan, with a focus on sound structure (phonetics and phonology) and word structure (morphology). Keywords: Tahltan, Athabaskan, phonology, morphology Downloads: PDF of the paper Full citation: John Alderete… Read more »

Alderete & McIlwraith 2007: Tahltan stories of Rose Dennis

John Alderete, Tad McIlwraith A catalogue of the Tahltan stories of Rose Dennis Keywords: Tahltan, Athabaskan, folklore, ethnography Downloads:  link to PDF manuscript Full citation: Alderete, John and Tad McIlwraith. 2007. A catalogue of the Tahltan stories of Rose Dennis. Ms., Simon Fraser University and Douglas College.

Alderete & Thompson 2008: Teit names project

James Teit census annotations John Alderete, Judy Thompson   Keywords: Tahltan, Athabaskan, names, census, Downloads:  link to PDF of file Full citation: Alderete, John and Judy Thompson. 2008. James Teit census annotations. Canadian Museum of Civilization, Archives, Ethnology, VI-O-2M, box 173, file 3.