Simon Fraser University Speech Error Database

Building a richly structured speech error database designed to support research projects using a large baseline of errors collected from audio recordings. 


Sound structure in speech production

Investigates the impact of sound structure on speech production processes in languages that have been ignored in language production research, including Fijian (Austronesian), Tashlhiyt Berber (Afro-asiatic), and Cantonese (Sino-Tibetan).


Linguistic documentation of Tahltan

Traditional fieldwork with a dual purpose of documenting linguistic structures and providing resources that can make a difference in the revitalization of Tahltan.


Computational learning in phonology

Creating algorithms that can learn real life phonological systems, both at the macro-structure level of OT grammars and the micro-structure level of artificial neural networks.

Past Projects


Process morphology in grammar and learning

Extending constraint-based theories of grammar and language learning to provide new explanations of process morphology, or morphological constructions marked by phonological processes.


Morphologically governed accent in Optimality Theory

My dissertation research develops a comprehensive theory of lexical stress and pitch accent systems, including analyses of accent deletion, insertion, and shift that employs the notion of transderivational antifaithfulness.


Stress and syllabification in constraint-based grammar

Tackles the ‘derivational residue’ of stress rules that interact with syllabification, based on novel ideas like positional faithfulness and the alignment of morphological and prosodic edges.