Linguistics 321 Schedule

Please be advised that the schedule may change if we need to spend more or less time on certain topics. SOL = ‘The sounds of language’, the class textbook.

May 11, Syllabus, Course Introduction

May 13, First Phonology Toolbox
Reading (review): SOL: 203-211 (phonemes and allophones), SOL: 257-267 (features), SOL: 279-284 (SPE rules)

May 18, Phonology Toolbox, cont’d
Homework 1 due, problems in SOL p. 219 #11, p. 272 #6 #7, p. 301 # 8, SPE rules cont’d

May 20, The feature tree
Reading: SOL 289-298, McCarthy 1988 (on Canvas)

May 25, Feature tree cont’d
Homework 2 due: English coronal assimilation (see class problem set)

May 27, Complex segments, review of autosegmental phonology
Reading: Gussenhoven & Jacobs ‘Complex segments’ (on Canvas)

June 1, Exam 1 (entire class)

June 3, Autosegmental tone
Reading: SOL 375-392

June 8, Tone cont’d
Homework 3 due: Palaun nouns (see problem set)

June 10, Tone in Chinese languages
Reading: excerpt from Kenstowicz 1994 ‘Tone in Asian languages’ (on Canvas)

June 15, Chinese tone cont’d
Homework 4 due: Siane tone (see problem set)

June 17, Syllables
Reading: SOL 331-338

June 22, Syllables cont’d
Homework 5 due: Sanskrit reduplication (see problem set)

June 24, Preparation for the exam, mid-semester course review

June 29, Exam 2 (entire class)

July 1, not class

July 6, Discussion of Duanmu 2007 ‘The syllable’ in Mandarin (on Canvas)
Due: analytical summary of Duanmu 2007

July 8, The CV tier

July 13, The CV tier cont’d
Homework 6 due: Mori Bawah clusters (see problem set)

July 15, The mora, Stress feet

Reading: SOL 333-341, 354-368

July 20, Stress feet cont’d
Homework 7 due: Fijian stress (see problem set)

July 22, Stress feet cont’d, preparation for exam

July 27, Exam 3 (entire class)

July 29, Prosodic morphology

Aug 3, Discussion of Pulleyblank 1997 ‘The Cantonese vowel system in historical perspective’ (on Canvas)
Due: article summary of Pulleyblank 1997

Aug 5, Introduction to Optimality Theory
Reading: SOL 305-322