Jan. 6, Syllabus, Course introduction, Overview of articulatory phonetics
Reading: SOL 1-11

Jan. 8, Overview, cont’d

Jan. 13, Consonants of English
Reading: SOL 14-26
Homework 1

Jan. 15, Vowels of English
Reading: SOL 26-28

Jan. 20, English consonants and vowels, cont’d

Jan. 22, Phonetic structures beyond English
Reading: SOL 33-45

Jan. 27, Beyond English, cont’d
Homework 2

Jan. 29, Phonemic analysis, Rules of English allophones
Reading: SOL 203-211

Feb. 3, Phonemics, cont’d, Physics and physiology of sound production
Reading: SOL 76-89

Feb. 5, Physics and physiology, cont’d

Reading week Feb. 10-14, no class

Feb. 17, Airstream mechanisms, Phonation type
Reading: SOL 45-47, 79-85 (review)
Homework 3

Feb. 19, Review for midterm

Feb. 24, MIDTERM EXAM (full two hours, see exam policies)

Feb. 26, Discussion of article van Turennout et al. 1998. Brain activity during speaking: From syntax to Phonology in 40 milliseconds. Science 280: 572-574. Available on the library eJournal website and the Canvass account for this course.
Homework 4: Ask a question about the Turennout et al. article

Mar. 3, Phonological processes
No assigned reading.

Mar. 5, Allophonic rules and levels of representation
Reading: SOL 199-211 (some review), 211-216

Mar. 10, Allophonic rules, cont’d
Homework 5

Mar. 12, Neutralization rules and levels of representation
Reading: SOL 225-232

Mar. 17, Neutralization, cont’d

Mar. 19, Distinctive features
Reading: SOL 254-272

Mar. 24, Distinctive features, cont’d
Homework 6

Mar. 26, Survey of phonological processes
Reading: SOL 232-250

Mar. 31, Survey of processes, cont’d

Apr. 2, Discussion of Sapir 1925 ‘Sound patterns of language’. Language 1: 37-51. Available on library eJournal site and on Canvass.
Assignment: Article summary of the Sapir article. See Guidelines for writing article summaries on the webpage for instructions.

Apr. 7, Rule ordering
No assigned reading
Homework 7

Apr. 9, The phonetics-phonology interface
No assigned reading.

Apr. 11, FINAL EXAM (8:30-10:20am, Location: BLU9660, see exam policy)