John Alderete, Associate professor, Simon Fraser University
Address: Department of Linguistics, SFU, Burnaby, V5A 1S6
Office: Robert C. Brown 8117
Lab: Robert C. Brown 7205
Email: alderete (at) sfu.ca
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I use methods from psycholinguistics, linguistic theory, and traditional fieldwork to examine how complex linguistic systems are learned and used in speech. Understanding the complexity of language involves breaking it down into distinct domains, like sentence structure, meaning, and sound structure. One goal of my research is to formulate explicitly the unconscious rules or patterns we know when we know a language, an endeavor that involves first-hand field research on Athabaskan and Austronesian languages. Another goal is to understand how a child comes to possess rules of language, and what types of algorithms support learning of these unconscious rules. I am also interested in language production processes and how language particular structure influences normal and abnormal speech. Members of my lab engage in theoretical analysis of language, linguistic fieldwork, psycholinguistic experimentation, and computational modeling of language. They use this research experience as a stepping stone to PhD programs in linguistics and cognitive science and allied careers in the technology industry.