Reduplication with fixed segmentism

John Alderete, Jill Beckman, Laura Benua, Amalia Gnanadesikan, John J. Alderete, Suzanne Urbanczyk


Fixed segmentism is the phenomenon whereby a reduplicative mor- pheme contains segments that are invariant rather than copied. We investigate it within Optimality Theory, arguing that it falls into two distinct types, phonological and morphological. Phonological fixed segmentism is analyzed under the OT rubric of emergence of the un- marked. It therefore has significant connections to markedness theory, sharing properties with other domains where markedness is relevant and showing context-dependence. In contrast, morphological fixed segmentism is a kind of affixation, and so it resembles affixing morphology generally. The two types are contrasted, and claims about impossible patterns of fixed segmentism are developed.

Keywords: correspondence, default, inventory, markedness, Optimality Theory, prosodic morphology, reduplication

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Full citationAlderete, John, Jill Beckman, Laura Benua, Amalia Gnanadesikan, John J. McCarthy, and Suzanne Urbanczyk. 1999. Reduplication with fixed segmentism. Linguistic Inquiry 30: 327-364.